Team Challenge

Congratulations to the Tennessee Tree Toppers and all participating pilots on a very successful Team Challenge. Yesterday was the final day of the competition. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, Team Challenge is a team cross country competition.Teams arecomposed of pilots of varying competion/cross country experience. The idea is for the most experienced cross country pilots to guide their team members on their flights. It is an amazing learning experience. Long time pilots such as Dennis Pagen, Ollie Gregory, Mike Barber, Jim Lamb and others led their teams on safe cross country flights. Early in the week, eight pilots had the first xc flights of their flying careers. In addition to flying there are seminars on techniques, and festivities every night. A group of us went over to free fly on Wednesday. Beautiful skies and lots of great pilot energy made for abeautiful day. Despite scratchy conditions, it was good to get in the air. The tree toppers taped all of the launches and reviewed them that evening. For more info on the event and photos, check out and

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