The Blog is Back

We had a great Festival weekend with many photos to share, but I broke the blog! Well, thanks to Gordon we are back up and running… First things first. On Friday Lori and Jamie Grover had their first mountain flights. Congratulations!
grovers The chalk talk with Diana
Some photos from Friday…
launchJon Christof Left to right: Lauren and Roxie, Lauren’s Launch
launchJon Christof Left to right: Roxie’s launch, Denny and Cindy
liz and some volunteersJesse Left to right: Liz and some of the volunteers, Jesse’s Launch (she ended up third in the spot landing contest)
We could not have hosted such an amazing event if not for our awesome tow program, training hill instructors, and shop employees, thenumerous volunteers, clinic instructors,Stacy and Liz (again you guys did such a great job), and Matt and Robin (as always thank you for creating such a wonderful playground). Also, thank you to the pilots and students from across the countrywho came together to celebrate hang gliding! More info and photos to come…

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