A Great Birthday Weekend!

First of all, let me start by saying that this was my mom’s and I first time having to do anything with hang gliding. My mom said this was something she had always wanted to do so this year for her 61st birthday, I surprised her with a trip to Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding. I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic time my mom and I had this weekend with you guys. Everyone was so nice and helpful, even before we got there. Jen took our reservations over the phone back in July and was so nice to deal with. We stayed at the Hummingbird House and absolutely loved it!! It was such a neat little house and just perfect for my mother and I. It was so amazing staying right there in the landing zone. We so enjoyed sitting out on the deck and watching everyone fly. Shawn was great about checking in on us and even helped us with the satellite after I hit the wong button. Friday evening, we walked down to the clubhouse just to see what was down there and the gentleman who is the boss on the ground greeted us and took us down to where they were flying from that evening. We got to sit there and talk with the people flying. On Saturday we took part in the ground school. Dan was such a patient and encouraging teacher. Our tandems were scheduled at 4. Again, Shawn was great to deal with regarding all of our paperwork and getting us ready to fly. My mom can’t remember her pilots name but he did a great job. She wanted a smooth and easy flight and that’s exactly what he gave her. I had the privilege to fly with Rex and he was great! He was so patient and laid back while we were in the air and while I was steering the glider. I loved all of the acrobatic moves he did. By far, this was the most coolest thing I’ve done in my life!! We also enjoyed the pizza on Saturday night. It was so neat how you offer that. Once we were in that atmosphere, we didn’t want to leave. We had talked about going out to dinner on Saturday but decided to stay and have the pizza. It was so neat to get to talk to the other pilots and learn more about hang gliding. Everyone we came in contact with was great. It was amazing on how encouraging everyone was, especially to us women. It was just a very positive atmosphere to be in. We hated to leave there yesterday but we have already started talking about our next trip down there. I have told several people about you guys and what an amazing job you do all the way around. I’ve encouraged them that they need to come and check you guys out. Looking forward to coming down to be with you again and once again….thank you for giving us such an amazing birthday weekend!

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