Updates to Tests and New Parachute Requirements

USHPA has made some updates to the Hang I and Hang II tests and has added a new requirement to achieve your Hang II rating.    

The Hang I test now requires you to know the requirements to achieve the Hang I rating according to the USHPA Pilot Proficiency System.

The added information covered on the Hang II test is: the requirements to achieve the Hang II rating according to the USHPA Pilot Proficiency System, the right of way rules of the air (covered in Chapter 9 of Hang Gliding For Beginner Pilots), and air space rules according to FAR part 103.

Updated study guides are available in the pro shop.

The new requirement to earn your Hang II rating is to have knowledge of your parachute system including how to preflight it and how to use it.  You must also complete a simulated parachute deployment.  

What does the new parachute requirement mean to you as a student?  Before you can fly from the mountain, you need to complete a parachute clinic.  We do have several spaces left in the parachute clinic being offered Sunday, April 14 at 1pm in the sew shop…please call 706-398-3541 to reserve your space!  Also, we will be offering clinics to students who are in the process of completing their Hang II rating.  These clinics will be on an as-needed basis, so please contact Jen at 706-398-3541 if you are a student in need of your parachute clinic.  We want to include as many students as possible in each session, so please call ahead.

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