Denny’s Call for Volunteers

MANpower NEEDED! As regular readers of this site you may already be well aware there is a Women’s Fly-in at Lookout Mountain Flight Park beginning September Thursday 24th and running through Sunday, September 27th. Last year was our first and, despite some uncooperative weather, it was a booming success. Our challenge is to pull that off again and to do that we really need help. Although flying is a solo activity we also recognize that it is a communal one as well including such elements as local site knowledge, wire crew assistance, shuttles and so forth. By helping each other we too become the beneficiaries of selfless community spirit. The fly-in is no exception and it will shine as a beacon to women fliers around the country only if we, as a community, rally to this event and lend a much needed hand. The more help we can garner the more lightly we can disburse the tasks. So please sign-on to help where you can and you will have a huge thank you from a grateful group of great women fliers. For sign-up to help and further details please contact Denny at or call 570-807-3827

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