Photos from the Weekend and Clinic Reminder

We had a beautiful weekend. Saturday brought northwest winds and soarable conditions. The morning stayed calm enough for some students to get in some flights. During mid-day conditions the field got a bit rowdy, but things smoothed out as the day went on. Many, many soaring flights. I liked Scott’s flight plan for his late afternoon flight to the Point…two turns – turn right off launch then make a left at the Point to come home. How did it go Scott? The Atlanta Outdoor Club came to fly with us as well. Thanks for coming AOC! Come fly with us again soon… Sunday started out pretty overcast and was a bit more north, but turned out to be another beautiful day. It was an ideal weekend that brought conditions for pilots of all skill levels. Here’s some photos of launch filling up, launches, and dan’s clinic. Next Sunday’s clinic is a parachute clinic and will be limited to 10 participants. To reserve your space in this free clinic, please call the shop at 706-398-3541. We’ll be going over your safety system and how to use it. This clinic will NOT teach you how to repack your parachute.
launchJon ChristofLeft to right: Launch starting to fill up, Jon Christof on launch
the keithslaunchThe Keiths’ preflight routine, More gliders on launch.
lanceLance on launch.
dan's clinicDan’s launching and beginning soaring clinic.

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