One thought on “Chris and Don Take Flight For The First Time

  1. It took almost two years, multiple hamstring pulls, a quadruple bypass, too many instructors to mention(thanks Dan, Loren, Jason, Jason, Gordon, Clifton, Paul, and Brian) dozens of trips between Nashville and Trenton, and a wad of cash, but it was worth all of that for being able to run off the side of that mountain. Thanks for the launch and ride back up, Mike. Thanks for the pics, JC. The first morning I got to the park and rode up to the launch I told Meghan that I had wasted my trip because there was no way I was going to run off that concrete ramp. She told me that after I got trained and knew that the wing really worked, I would change my mind. She was right! Now I’m ready for the next nine. I’m grateful to all of you. Chris

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