This Weekend…A Party and Soarable Conditions

It looks like we’re in for soarable conditions on Saturday and Sunday (3/2 and 3/3). And… Twice a year we’re going to celebrate our newly certified Hang 3 and Hang 2 Pilots from LMFP with a Saturday Night Rager and Bonfire! Tradition has always been that a new Hang 3 will donate a keg at some point for the community members. This group of new Hang 3′s is taking it up a notch. This time, the new Hang 3′s from the previous two seasons (this time fall/winter) will throw a party and donate a keg’s worth of fun for everyone and will cookout for the new Hang 2′s! New Hang 2′s from the fall and winter will eat and drink free! The entire community is invited and is able to join in, however for the food for non-new pilots, there will be a suggest donation food of $5. Flight Park members, students, friends and family are welcome to attend. This winter’s Hang 3 party will be this Saturday, March 2nd @ 7pm at the clubhouse!

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