XC Harness Testimonials


I wanted to extend a HUGE THANK YOU for the most beautiful harness ever made!  I just couldn’t be more stoked.  It fits perfectly, has enough room for my winter flying jackets and it feels great!  Very well done, thank you…  Sam says it’s sexier than anything in the Victoria’s Secret catalog!  You probably didn’t know your harnesses were in THAT realm huh!  My first two landings were perfect…it’s like the harness made it easier over night.   Awesome.  Attached are a couple of pics for you.  Stay in touch and if you EVER come out west we have a place for you to stay.

Take care,


xc testimonial

No problem for a testimonial for the harness, in fact this one you made for me is the second GT harness I fly and it is such a comfortable harness. I love the many pockets which allow me to bring food, water, cell phone and my wallet while I fly. It is also very comfortable for long flights and is very easy to land with. This is a very important point for me given my shoulder dislocation problem I also looooove that you were able to make custom colors to my glider.

Hope this helps, keep up the good work!
Catherine Gagnon

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