Summer Clinic Series

I’mhappy to announce that weare soon to debut our Summer Clinic Series. Our plan is to expand upon last year’s very successfulmonthly clinics with Claire and Terry. This summer we will have weekly seminars every Sunday. Clinic topics will include:
  • Landing
  • Assisted Windy Cliff Launch, Launching, and Soaring
  • Parachutes
  • Aerotow Ground School
  • Components of a Wing: Glider Design and Evolution
  • Over-Confidence and Under-Confidence
  • Weather Predictions and Conditions
Clinics will be taught by a variety of Lookout instructors and guest speakers. I’m pleased to report that Claire Vassort and Ollie Gregory will be presenting seminars. We’re all lucky to be a part of such a large population of pilots to learn from and I urge pilots to take advantage of this and these very informative seminars. Let’s come together to be better, safer pilots. All clinics except the parachute clinic will last around one hour. Depending upon the number of participants, the parachute clinic should last around two hours. Check the Calendar of Events for dates, times and subjects. The schedule will be posted by May 31.

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