Yeah Bob!

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day. Mid day conditions brought soaring flights for some local pilots including Bob Simmons. It was Bob’s first flight of the spring and he had a great day. Bob launched off the mountain around 3pm. Carl Burick waited on launch to see what Bob would find. Bob got a little low off launch, soit didn’t look so promising. But soon Bob hooked a thermal. That was enough to get Carloff launch. Carl flew out to Bob to pimp his thermal, arrived above Bob and started climbing. Carl was on top for a bit in his Litespeed, but then Bob in his U2 really hooked it and climbed right through Carl. Both guys had great flights, but I know that Bob had to love seeing the top of Carl’s sail! Nice flight Bob! We were also able to flytwo brand new mountain pilots late Saturday evening. Congratulations to Daniel and John Morrow! Daniel and John are a father and son team who have been training together.
Daniel MorrowDaniel Morrow Daniel Morrow’s Launch
John MorrowJohn Morrow John Morrow’s launch
Robert Laplume Robert Laplume’s first launch in his Mark IV.

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