Finish Line for the Flytec Rally

I think I say it every year, but here I go again, the winter is speeding by. I love the winter (in Georgia that is), beautiful skies, delicious food, and bonfires. And this winter was no different: beautiful flying days and hibernation time with friends and family. Life in a flight park is an amazing thing. It means being a part of a community that plays togetherand sits back and relaxes together. There is a camradarieand support system that includes not only pilots but the families and friends of pilots. We are a community of doctors, carpenters, artists, contractors, students, dentists, nurses, teachers, computer experts,wait staff, andhang gliding instructors.It’s much more than just a business, it’s a group of pilots and their families that have settled here. Its hard to putthefeelingin words really, but it is our home. But, I digress. Winter is making its way towards spring. And though the winter at Lookout is not quiet, I’m looking at a clear beautiful sky with some pilots setting up to fly on a soarable afternoon, the spring will most definitely bring a renewed sense of energy and excitement. “Spring is in the air,” they say and they’re right. One exciting event of this comingspring is Lookout being the proposed finish line for the Flytec Race and Rally. If you haven’t read up on the Flytec Race and Rally, it’s aseven day, crosscountryrace starting at Florida Ridge and ending here at Lookout Mountain. 700 miles in seven days and we’re the finish line. There will be world class pilots from around the world, and some awesomelocal pilots (Go Lucas, Eric, Ollie and James! okay, you guys are world class too). We’re hosting the closing ceremony celebrations. Good food and music and more pilotsjoining the Lookout community! It will be great to have you all here. Check back soon to see updates to the calendar for upcoming events including the Flytec Race and Rally.

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