The Past Week at Lookout

Oh the weather was beautiful Sunday! The forecast called for strong southwest, but it was a gentle northwest wind from noon until 6:00 pm. Many of the locals were able to rush out and get some 63 degree February Ridge Soaring. It was great.

Thursday also brought some excellent flying weather. Ridge soaring and thermals until about 4:00 pm.

Special kudos to Bobby Stubbs. He is a Brunswick Georgia gentleman who travels out here to train, and has recently cleared and made some mountain flights. He always takes the time to go to the hills and he helps the other students set up and break down their gliders and he drives the four wheeler for them. He has had seven mountain flights. On Thursday morning at 10:00 am, I launched him in a five mph headwind. His instructions, as a newbie, were to head straight to the landing zone and complete a box pattern or two until he was three treetops high and start the downwind leg of his approach.

He tried following instructions, but he only lost about 300 feet between the ramp and the lz. Then he started his box pattern and was going up! He kept a perfect box pattern for 15 minutes. Its darn rare to soar a thermal at 10:00 am around here. What a great way to start a morning.

Friday morning brought a great morning on the small hill. We had no more than 1 mph of wind until noon. The three students we had made great progress. Rick and Eileen Frazier are two of the new students; and they have a great attitude. Eileen is 62 years old and weighs 108 pounds. It didnt stop her from knocking out six training flights. Its fairly impressive that she can do that many flights with a glider that weighs over half of her body weight. Rick and a student named Justin Willhite each had over a dozen flights in the great air. They both wanted to fly more but I had to stop them as they had an evening class Friday night and another morning class Saturday. I think they both slept well that night.

Today, Sunday, turned out to be another great day. Thomas Wolfe was having some bad weather luck. Hes a new pilot with only three mountain flights. Thomas only has one day off a week and every Sunday he comes up to fly, and lately the weather has not been on his side. That all changed. Last time I saw Thomas he was about to take his fifth mountain flight of the day. It was nice to see him with such a big smile on his face. Congrats Thomas! See you next Sunday.

It looks like spring weather is here. The grass is turning green and the frogs are chirping on the training hills.

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