Valle de Bravo – Day Three Update


Lunch, coming right up.
This post will have to be brief as it is late and tomorrow is another busy day for our group. This morning Liz, Rodney and Stacy headed out early to see the Monarch butterflies. The rest of us hung out around Valle taking it easy. Hey, we’re on vacation! As planned we all met up for lunch at Jovan’s. Jovan’s is a big open air restaurant on the road to El Penon launch. It is easily recognized by the large blue tarp roof. You basically go back into their kitchen, inspect what they have and order. It’s always good and a great spot to relax a little before flying. Tough life, huh?

But what about the flying? Today was probably our best day in the air yet. We didn’t start flying until about 3:00. Conditions were smoothest yet, with many of the thermals nice and big. We’re not getting that high, today several of us got to about 2100′ over launch, which is great, but let’s face it we’re greedy and want more. Let’s recap the highlights.

Jeffo and Jaime assisting Rodney.
Liz downgraded from an Eagle to a Falcon and had her best flight yet. She stole a thermal from me like she was taking candy from a baby. David Teuscher sat the day out with a bad back so Don flew the Sport 2 175 and had a fun flight. Stacy stole the small Sport 2 from Ralph forcing him to fly one of the small Eagles. Rodney continues to impress us flying a Falcon with no instruments and hanging with the rest of us. Hank continues to dominate the air in a Pulse 10 Meter with the longest flight again. I felt a little bad taking the only Sport 2 155 on day one because I knew Hank would like to fly it. Now I don’t feel so bad, hey Hank, I’m keeping it! As for me, I finally figured out where Las Pinetas is, got 2100′ over and flew over to El Penon for the first time. When I came back from El Penon, I found Don flying around in the foothills. We tried to pimp off each other, but finally had to head to the Piano. Coming out, we ended up flying in formation which was fun, but we let it go a little too long and our approach options were not so great. I ended up turning very low. Luckily, the headwind kicked in and helped me get level in time to try a weak landing run and flare, but it didn’t save me from a small whack. Don flew over me and also had to pay some dues with his own small whack. To be fair to Don and me, Stacy started it all with a small whack earlier. Stacy is such a show off she had to add in a bloody nose.

Another view of El Penon del Diablo.
This one from the Piano landing area.
Stacy kid’s showed up in force today. Esther, Liz and Mustang had to help with distribution and crowd control. After returning to Valle, we all had a communal dinner of chicken and potatoes at Jeffo’s clubhouse. I think most of us really like our new schedule. It gives us time to do things in the morning and fly when conditions are better for most of us. The only downside is we end up getting back to Valle kind of late. Can’t have everything I guess. That’s all for tonight.

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