More Winter Specials for Pilots

Happy January everyone! We’ve had some beautiful flying weather this year, and its been lovely seeing your smiling faces on launch. Winter flying is wonderful! What else is wonderful about winter at LMFP? The shop and sew shop tend to slow down a bit and we can handle your needs quickly! So, why not come now to get your glider a super preflight or your parachute repacked! As an added incentive, we are now offering super preflights for $50 off the regular price: gliders with VG are now $245 and gliders without VG are $195. And, parachute repacks are only $30. Please give us a call if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon! Oh, as a reminder to our non-flying friends and family. Our lesson sale ends 1/14/13. Call now to save up to $150 to Learn to Fly.


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