Thanks Rex!

I was so excited when my husband gave me a Christmas gift of a tandem flight. I had been talking about it for at least 14 years since our daughter married and lived in Chattanooga. After moving to Texas then Kansas, and five children later, they moved back to the area – Ringgold, GA two years ago. My daughter and three of the grandchildren came with me on November 1 for the flight. We have enjoyed showing our photos to the family and people at work who call me The Wild Grandma. I’m 67. Rex, you were awesome. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Remember I’m the one who was visiting from Minnesota and turned down gloves!! The family had been talking about this, wondering if it was dangerous, if I was scared, etc., so you will enjoy knowing that Matthew (5)saw us land, saw me stand up, and then exclaimed, “She’s alive!!!” Again, thanks for a fantastic experience. Sharon

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