A note from Emily!

I had such a good time learning how to hang glide at LMFP that I felt like I had to tell you about my experience and say thanks. The weather was that blend of warm sun and cold frost you only get in late October, and minus the hurricane fronts, it was a prefect time to be there. All my instructors were endlessly encouraging and enthusiastic (ex. Jason cheers for every flight that doesn’t end in death, which adds up to a lot of hooting a lot of mornings.) They went above and beyond to help me get 40 flights so that I could launch off the mountain in the limited time that I had.

You’ve created more than a beautiful flight park and supportive learning environment there at Lookout: what blew me away most was the good-hearted community of people who have gathered there. Form Jen picking me up at the bus station in Chatt, to Adrian and Kelly driving me to the airport when I left, everyone I met was more that generous, making sure I had a warm place to sleep or a ride to town when I needed, and when conditions weren’t right for flying, I was always included in whatever adventure was proposed. Bonfires, pot lucks, climbing and caving and hiking. I was never bored because there was always something going on.

I love hearing everybody’s story of how they got into flying, and how they gave up the stresses and boredom of their previous lives to spend as much time in the sky as humanly possible. You’ve got a tremendous cast of characters there, looking up at the sky and dreaming big. I remain hugely inspired and grateful to have met you all. Until I can return and add my own glider to the colorful flock circling the ridge line, my dreams will be full of flying.

So. The only reason I left was to check out Nicaragua (which if you’re looking to expand internationally, has potential volcanic hills and reliable off shore winds :)) and I promised Megan some coffee for the office. Might need a grinder. Thank you again for developing the flight park and bringing so many good people to Lookout Mountain. It’s a special place, and part of me wants to give up my plans and just get back there right away. Every time I watch an eagle soar, I’ll be reminded. -Emily

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