Holiday Lesson Sale

Lookout Mountain Flight Park has had a new man in town. He is indeed a special guest and familiar to everyone. He has been the King of Sled Runs for a long time running , and we hear he does a mighty fine hang check. Him and his little helpers have been spotted at the hills and other various places around the park, but its been a challenge to get a little bit of his time. We finally caught up with him at the top of launch, and boy was he looking slim not the King of Sled Runs we were used to. When we asked him how he shed the pounds, he excitedly said, Out on the training hills, of course! We then ask him what brought him to LMFP this time of year and he informed us that hang gliding with our group filled up most of the lines on his holiday wish lists so he had to come scope it out for himself! Inspired by Santa’s visit, we are having a Holiday Lesson Sale. Save up to $150 to learn to fly. Check out your details on our Flight Training Page!

Santa and his elf checking out conditions on the training hill

Santa giving his elf a hang check on the training hills

Santa, fresh from the training hills, waiting for his first launch

Excellent launch Santa!

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