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Alright everybody, we have some great gift ideas for you. Whether you are looking for ideas for that pilot in your life or for the aspiring pilot in your life, we can help make their dreams come true. Check out our Top Ten Gift List for Pilots and our Top Ten Gift List for those who yearn to be in the sky. Top Ten Gift List 1. Gift Certificates: We offer gift certificates in both dollar amounts and for any service that we provide. You can choose one of ourlesson packages, or if you are having trouble making up your mind,gift certificatesare available in any dollar amount and can be applied to whatever your loved one chooses. 2.Introductory Experience: The best introduction to hang gliding. Spend a morning on the bunny slopes piloting the glider at very low altitudes then take an instructional tandem with one of our awesome tandem pilots. 3.Eagle Package: For most, one day of flying is not enough. Especially when it is so easy to learn to fly. Yes, you can learn to fly. I promise. 4.In-Flight Photos: For $25 we will take in-flight photos of your tandem flight. At the end of your flight, we hand your loved one an SD card with tons and tons of photos. They will look fabulous. 5.In-Flight DVD: This is a fantastic edited version of the flight. Only $50 and have proof to show all of your friends. 6.Hang Gliding Apparel: Whether you are purchasing for your mom, your sister, your uncle, your son or daughter, we have something to fit your needs. Tons of options. 7.Mugs and Pint Glasses: Do they like coffee or tea? How about a nice pint of stout or an IPA? We have coffee mugs and pint glasses. Take your pick or do both! 8. Christmas Ornament: So new I can’t even show you the photo. 9.License Plate: We have red, white and blue LMFP license plates for only $9.95. Only $9.95! 10. A fabulous experience for the whole family. Why not bring out the whole family or a group of friends. Flying with friends and family is an experience not to be forgotten. We have flown with tons of people over the years, and sharing it with friends and family only makes the smiles bigger. Ask us about our group rates. 1-800-688-5637 or 706-398-3541   Top Ten Gift Ideas for Pilots 1.Gift Certificates: Gift certificates are available for any of the services that we offer or in dollar amounts. Don’t know what gear your pilot needs? Go for the dollar amount. 2.Bar Mitts: Cold hands equal unhappy pilots. Gloves are great, but slipping your gloved hands into bar mitts is even better. 3. Custom Miniglider: All you need to do is send us photos of the glider. In return, a miniature replica of the glider. Awesome. Comes on a mount. Call for information. 1-800-688-5637 or 706-398-3541 4.Super Preflight: Glider Manufacturers say your glider should have an annual inspection. We agree. And, right now we are taking $50 off of Super Preflights. 5.Parachute Repack: Basically, $35 insurance. 6.Race 2 Harness: Racing style harness, custom made for the pilot in your life. Beautiful. 7.Cloud Chaser Helmet: Full-face protection and a comfortable fit. 8.GT XC Harness: Pod harness, custom made for the pilot in your life. Suitable for novice pilots. 9.License Plate: We have red, white and blue LMFP license plates for only $9.95. Only $9.95! 10. 2013 Hang Gliding Calendar …and we are always available to help. We are like one big happy, flying community here so we can help direct you to what your favorite pilot doesn’t have or what they stare at longingly when they come in to the shop.

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