Women’s Festival Photos

Wow, what an amazing weekend. We had women pilots from all over the country, Steve Pearson from Wills Wing, flyable weather all weekend, open mike night, an awesome band, and eveybody had a great time. I want to thank everyone for all of their hard work in putting together an awesome event. Liz and Stacy, your attention to detail rocks! Matt and Robin, thanks for creating such a wonderful playground. Some of my favorite parts of the weekend were watching Carmella be the first pilot to get up off of the mountain, seeing so many gliders in the air, the beautiful weather, dancing the night away, and my babysitter Madeleine. Thanks to all of the visiting pilots for making their way to Lookout. We’re so glad you were all here. Let’s do it again next year and bring your friends! Here are some photos from launch. I’ll be posting more photos next week…
Happy PilotsMatt and Steve Left to Right: Some of the female pilots, Steve Pearson and Matt Taber
beth carsonSome Men Left to Right: Beth Carson after her first mountain launch, some manly men
Claire and ChristinaBlair and Lee Left to Right: Claire Vassort and Christina Holmes, Roberta’s launch
Cathi Hayes launchsteve pearson launch Left to Right: Cathi Hayes’ launch, Steve Pearson’s launch

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