Women’s Hang Gliding Festival Update

Stacy and Angela
The Women’s Hang Gliding Festival starts Thursday with check in and orientation starting at 4pm eastern time in the LZ clubhouse. We have added some great clinics to the schedule: 11am Friday, Parachute Clinic (probably in the Sew Shop) 4pm Friday, Lauching Clinic on the Small Hill (limited space, please call shop to reserve) 11am Saturday, Claire Clinic: How to Improve Your Skills and be a Safer Pilot 12:30am Saturday, Claire Clinic: Why is hang gliding a great sport for women – An Introduction to the sport 4pm Saturday, Landing Clinic on the Small Hill (limited space, please call shop to reserve) 1pm Sunday, LZ Intro to Aerotowing (going over equipment, the cart, safety, this is not a flying clinic) And, remember, this is hang gliding so we need to be a little flexible with time. Weather conditions may change the times of some of the clinics and clinics may be added. We also have some super fun flying tasks planned that will be suitable for all flying skills. Times and tasks will be determined by weather conditions. Please note that you can only take part in flying tasks if you are registered for the Women’s Hang Gliding Festival. Please register if you want to take part in these events. Looking forward to flying with you, Jen

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