Women’s Hang Gliding Festival Update

Women’s Festival Updates The following is an outline of the two clinics that Claire Vassort is teaching on Saturday September 27. One is geared towards newer pilots, but both clinics are valuable information for all pilots. Because of weather and a busy schedule, we are staying a little flexible on the times of Saturday’s clinics. Registrants, please be at the meet and greet for more info. September 27, 2008 WOMENS FESTIVAL CLINIC Why is hang gliding a great sport for women – An Introduction to the sport 1. Breaking the taboos–Why hang gliding is for women 2. What you will have to do to succeed 3. Be the boss–How to remain safe 4. Q & A–Practical Questions How to improve your skills and be a safer pilot 1. Physical Strength–how to improve it 2. Mental strength–Building Confidence 3. Learning at Ones Own Pace–Motivation 4. Staying Safe–Build your knowledge Base 5. Q & A–Practical Questions Also, I apologize but I gave the wrong email address for Stacy Murdoch. If you are playing for us during open mike night, please contactStacy at stacy@pfsbham.com. If you haven’t already registered, please do so at www.hanglide.com. We want to know if you’ll be joining us and we need to get an accurate count on how many folks we’ll be feeding. It’s only $25 and includes the meet and greet festivities, mountain flying, clinics and the event tshirt.

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