Safety Advisory

Advisory Release from Lookout Mountain Flight Park

  1. Please check with Matt or an instructor before customizing any of your equipment. There may be unforeseen hazards associated with your customization. This is especially true with most aerotowing equipment. Keep in mind that aerotowing, while very easy and simple, is less forgiving when a major problem occurs.
  2. It is unacceptable to fly hang gliders if you are taking any medication that would impair your cognitive skills or your sensory perception. If you are having medical problems that cause the same effect, you should not fly hang gliders until the problem is gone and you are cleared by a doctor to fly.
  3. LMFP recommends that solo high altitude pilots use a good, full face helmet. Modern helmet technology has improved greatly over the past decade. If you are flying at high altitude, and are not flying tandem where communication is a priority, than there is little reason to not fly with a high caliber helmet.

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