Fourth of July Party Photos

We had a great time celebrating our nation’s independence. We had a great meal (thank you Doris and company), kegs (thank you LMFP), and a DJ (thank you Theresa). Here’s some photos. Pay particular attention to the fireworks photo. That’s Scott’s van in the middle of the mayhem.
AngelaScott Under Attack Left to right: Angela Galbreath, Firework Fun
Dancing FoolsKelli and Jesse Left to right: Is that Gordon dancing?, Kelli and Jesse (son of Gordon)
The Eberle'sKid Dave and Eric Left to right: Christy and Brian Eberle, Some Towboys
Motley CrewRandy and Carla Left to right: The Usual Suspects, Carla and Randy Zaefla
Courtney and PeteMaggie, Ann and Barry Left to right: Courtney and Uber Peter, Maggie, Aunt Annie and Barry

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