The First Flights Just Keep on Coming

Now that the summer training schedule is in full swing, the first mountain flights are really piling up. We try to get photos of each one, but it’s pretty tough sometimes. Our focus is always getting the novice off the ramp, so photo ops sometimes fall by the wayside. If you have your own photos of your first mountain flight, please send them to us at

We have had a few notable first flights recently. Our Louisiana friend, James Seaton has had five or six flights in the last week. It took James about three trips here to get it done. Good work, James!

We also had Ron and AJ Calhoon visit us from Pennsylvania for a week or so. This father and son team had to extend their stay a couple of days to make it off the mountain. Oh, did I mention AJ is ONLY THIRTEEN YEARS OLD!? AJ and Ron were both able to get two launches before heading home. Job well done!

Let me think, who have I forgotten? Hey, how about Dan’s friend Mike Morath? And let’s not forget Yuki Indacochea, wife of our ace tug pilot/mechanic Pablo Indacochea!

As I said, we’ve been busy. So, keep your eyes to the sky and be ready for even more new pilots in the near future.

Thirteen year old AJ Calhoon makes his first mountain launch.

James Seaton commits aviation.

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