He did it and it has to be a record!

On Sunday June 22, Jim Rice did 39 mountain launches in 9 1/2 hours to raise money for Fisher House Foundation. Jim picked the number 39 because it was originally scheduled for his 39th birthday. At last count he raised $6222.45, but I know that grand total is going to be much more because the pledges were still rolling in.

The morning was foggy and Jim had to wait around until 10am to get started. He had hoped to have his first flight at around 6am.

Jim had an amazing group of volunteers who set up and broke down gliders, got him back up to the top of the mountain, fed and hydrated him, and kept him safe. He averaged one flight every 14 minutes!

Excellent work Jim! Have a great time in Houston!

Jon Pignatelli (pictured above) was only scheduled for a 4 hour shift, but stayed the whole day to help Jim out.

Scott Schneider also helped Jim complete his goal.

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