Upcoming Weekend

For those of you who aren’t on Doris’s email, I’m forwarding along some info about the upcoming weekend. Included is information about Jim RIce’s flights for charities on Saturday June 21 (http://www.flightsforcharities.org) I will be serving baked ziti, meatballs and salad at the cookout Saturday night. Thanks, to the following, for assisting last weekend – Rick for helping purchase supplies at Sam’s Club on Thursday; Ron, Mikey, Brad and Anders for helping unload the supplies; Debbie, Jenny, Toni, Nancy, Susan and Lia assisted with setup and cleanup kitchen duties; Susan made her delicious homemade deserts; Roschelle baked great mac & cheese and cornbread; Roger and Anders helped with tables and chairs; Ozzie and Mark Yahn delivered bon fire wood. I have to make special mention of the following – Debbie spent all day Friday with me picking up door locks and shelvingfor the new storage area, helped me sort out the kitchen, plus helped me with another run to Sam’s Club for supplies. Debbie has decided to lend her valuableassistance to me for the summer, for which I am extremely grateful. Roger installed the door locks, a fire extinguisher in the kitchen area and has beenmaking himself veryuseful during his off-towing hours. Big thanks to this generous couple. Several weeks ago, a new couple started on the training hills, Joe and Beth Vandergriff. During a cookout, Joe mentioned that he was a contractor and electrician and asked if he could volunteer to assist us in any way. Joe volunteer to install the door and frame to the storage area, plus ran power to our chest freezer. Joe would go to the training hills, then work all day on the storage facility, thank you, thank you. The storage facility is finally up and running. A reminder that Jim Rice’s Flights for Charities will, hopefully, take place this weekend. Jim still needs volunteers that are experienced in setting up and breaking down gliders. He is holding a “ground support crew” meeting at the pavilion tomorrow night (Friday, June 20th) at 8 PM. Please try and assist Jim this weekend, even for a short while, this is a worthwhile cause. A reminder that the benefit BBQ dinner to assist in the re-election of Sheriff Patrick Cannon will take place at the pavilion on Tuesday, June 24th, 7 PM. Price for dinner $15, several raffle prizes and auction items have been generously donated. Doris

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