Photos of Kelsey Pearson’s First Flight

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We wanted to give Steve Pearson a huge thanks for bringing Wills Wing Demo Days to Lookout Mountain Flight Park yet another year. It has been a very special and memorable weekend for our LMFP family. It was not only special for us, but special for the Pearson family as well. Steve and Lisa’s daughter, Kelsey, cleared our hills (in 4 short days) and soloed off our mountain, beginning her new life as a solo hang glider pilot. Steve is a very honorable and influential man when it comes to the sport of hang gliding and he had endless opportunity in deciding where his daughter would gain knowledge before taking that first big step, and he chose us. We are truly privileged to have gotten to share such an amazing experience with such wonderful people. It is a true honor. Kelsey’s eyes were full of freedom and her smile was lit up with happiness after a great launch and great landing, it was a wonderful sight to see. So congratulations again Kelsey! And thank you Steve and Lisa for trusting our flight park with your daughter. We look forward to the next time we all get to fly together.

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