Greg’s Weekend

All, I want to thank all of the hard workers and smiling faces at LMFP for a great 4.5 days that I spent up there over the 4th of July. I arrived Tuesday night and left Sunday morning. I had intended on returning to Atlanta on Friday morning but I was just having too much fun. During the 4 days I got in 9 mountain flights (increasing my logbook from 18 to 27 mountain flights), passed my Soaring test, and flew 6 instructional tandems. I want to thank Matt, Dan, and Kit for helping me in my landing techniques – I was too low and too slow coming into the flare. I want to thank JC for helping me on my launches – NOT rotating my hands before I left ramp. Dan, Mikey, Sean, and Jason for the tandem aerotows – identifying that hang gliding in the air should be like a ballet and not a wrestling match. Megan and Jenn for their help in the Proshop – I aced my Soaring test. Josiah and Gordon for giving me better insight into ridge soaring and thermals – So far I have just done some extended sled runs, but I know that I am getting close. I really appreciated the entertainment and facilities down at the LZ. The pool was welcome relieve after a day of set-up and tear-down in the blistering heat. The food, band, and beer made for great evenings. . . . . . and that crazy guy making pancakes in the morning at the clubhouse really knew how to start off the day!! ;-) Why would someone spend a weekend anywhere else!! I hope to be back before the month is over. See you soon, Greg

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