4th of July!

Hi Everyone! A lot of events coming up, so make sure you mark your calendars! On July 4th through July 7th we will be having our annual demo days. Information on this event is below. Fly Your Dream Glider Here is a great opportunity to come out, look at and fly the current crop of excellent Wills Wing gliders. If you are currently shopping or plan to shop for a new glider, this is a perfect time to see and fly the latest gliders. Steve Pearson and Mike Meier Steve Pearson, co-owner and glider designer for Wills Wing since the 1970s, will be on hand to answer your questions. This is your chance to discuss glider design, glider tuning, proper glider selection or flying technique. Steve is a wealth of knowledge and are outstanding pilots in their own right with huge flying experience. If you currently fly a Wills glider from the last thirty years, heres your chance to thank Steve in person! Get In Touch Call 706-398-3541 or email fly@hanglide.com now to reserve a flight on a glider that you would like to check out. You must be rated for the glider that you would like to fly. If you are currently a Novice rated pilot, please do not ask to fly an Intermediate glider unless your experience well exceeds the requirements. On Wednesday July 4th we will have dinner at the clubhouse. Hamburgers, hotdogs and a keg all for $10. Dinner will start at 7PM. On Friday July 6th we will have a good ole’ pizza dinner at the clubhouse. On Saturday July 7th is our official 4th of July celebration party! We will have chicken, green beans, slaw, potato wedges, dessert, keg and a band! Come out for a fun time! On Sunday July 8th we will have our FREE clinic with Wills Wing. Meet at the clubhouse 2 1PM. I hope to see all of you soon!

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