Don’t miss this weekend!

So here’s the weekend no one needs to miss! On Friday (6/22) through Sunday (6/24) we will be having our Wingman Weekend. There will be dinner (with kegs) on Friday and Saturday night (7PM Est) and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning (8AM Est). If you would still like to sign up for the event it is NOT TOO LATE. H2′s and H3′s are all welcome. If you do decide to participate, the entry fee is $49 – this will include the gaining of a lot of knowledge plus all meals mentioned previously. A small donation will be taken as usual for everyone else that is not partaking. For further information on the event visit our website Call the Pro Shop at 706-398-3541 to sign up. We also are filling spots for volunteers as well if you are more interested in going that route (volunteers will be taken care of as well, that’s just how we roll). ALSO, due to the event, we will not be having our clinic on Sunday, June 24th – but don’t worry, we will fit it in sometime in the future! Hope to see you soon! Peace Out.

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