Exciting Weekend Ahead of Us

LMFP’s Upcoming Events
Hi everyone!
Just sending a reminder of our exciting weekend! On Saturday, May 19th the Trenton Heritage Festival will take place on the square. Rick Gattone’s band is entered in the Battle of the Bands Contest, which will beginat 11:30 am, until elimination or winning.Rick could use some cheering on, and, you could stop and buy an airbrush “T” shirt from Scott and Lia while you are there.
Also on Saturday we will be celebrating Mongo’s 60th birthday! The dinner will be catered (chicken, potatoes, slaw, corn), the keg has been ordered (Mongo wisely decided it could be real beer, instead of Natural Light), and there will be karaoke. All free. So bring your Mongo stories (I am sure most of you have one) and wish Mongo well.
On Sunday, May 20th we will be having yet another FREE clinic – Competition Clinic: What to expect. How to prepare for your first competition. Having the right attitude. How to be a good representative for the sport. Taught by Eric Donaldson. Meet at the clubhouse at 1PM.
Hope to see everyone there!

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