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Halloween Party

Another great Halloween Party! Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!  

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Landing Clinic and Halloween Party…Saturday, October 26

Landing Clinic

Landing Clinic

LMFP is happy to announce that Team USA Pilot Mitch Shipley will present his Landing Clinic in the LZ on Saturday, October 26 at 8am EST. This is a hands-on Landing Clinic using the Elektra Tow System. Landings will be video taped for your review.

Who: Mitch Shipley and his Elektra Tow System

What: You will be towed up by the Electra Tow System to practice multiple landings. Landing Clinic will cover “How and Why Hang Gliders Can Land”, angle of attack control throughout landing, body position throughout landing, and flare types and progressions.

When and Where: Meet at the LZ Clubhouse at 8am EST on Saturday, October 26. Sunday will be the backup weather day.

Why: To improve your landings and learn from one of the best!

Goals: 8-10 video taped and reviewed landings.

Requirements/Recommendations: Aerotow rated preferred. Have your own tow releases and bridles.

Cost: $100/person.

Please call the LMFP shop at 706-398-3541 to register!

King Kong and his Lady

King Kong and his Lady

Guess what tomorrow is?

Give up?

Tomorrow, October 26, is our biggest party of the year—HALLOWEEN!!! We have a delicious dinner, kegs-o-beer, live music and tons of fun planned for your partying pleasure! We have so many amazingly creative people in our community, and that creativity makes a spectacular entrance every year at our Halloween Party! Dress up, party on, rock out, and come HANG with us tomorrow night starting at 7pm.

We still have some bunks and a few cabins left if you want to avoid driving home, so call us a reserve one while they last. We also have limited availability left on our tandem schedule, and the leaves are beautiful this time of year, so call us and get scheduled in for a tandem flight with an instructor and take in the beauty of Lookout Mountain this time of year!

Halloween Party…Cash Prizes

Can you win the $500 cash prize for top Halloween costume at the annual LMFP Halloween party? Do you have what it takes? Can you beat last years winners? Get creative and don your best costume and bring your party shoes! Saturday Oct. 26th, dinner, dancing and festivities start at 7pm.

2012 Winners!

Johnny, Jeremy and Jenny Had A Great Time

Jeremy, Johnny and Jenny Johnny and Jeremy

Johnny and his son Jeremy came out for the Introductory Experience this weekend, and they LOVED IT. Here’s what Johnny had to say…

I will turn 60 in November of this year. Since my earliest memories I have dreamed of flying. You all made that life-long dream a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


We arrived on Thursday, Oct. 17. It was around 5:30PM and the sky had several flyers for us to watch. We met Shawn and Jason who were digging a septic line in the yard of the cabin next to the Hummingbird House where we stayed. I rolled down the window and asked if I was supposed to check in somewhere. Shawn shouted, “You just did! Welcome! Make yourself at home.” Jason smiled and gave us a friendly wave. We knew it was home!!


Another Jason, Jason Anderson, was our teacher the next morning at the bunny hills. He was very patient, very helpful, and very informative. We had to cut the lessons a little because the wind was picking up. We invited Jason to lunch so we could quiz him about this hang gliding thing. Again, so helpful.


Friday afternoon I was on a tandem glider with Clifton. He patiently talked me through every detail. When we flew, he actually allowed me to practice what Jason had taught us in the morning class. When I didn’t do something exactly right, Clifton explained how to do it better and let me try again. I want these two guys to continue to teach me! We WILL be coming back!


The entire staff- the folks in the store, the man on the field who helped us sign in to fly, the folks on the phone, and the folks on the training field- all were happy, super friendly, and extremely helpful. LMFP is one awesome place.


Another factor that made it doubly great was that my oldest son came with me. He loved it, too. He has that same desire to fly. 


I just had to tell you about my experience. Words can NEVER explain the emotions of a dream come true! What more can I say? THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

Our Newest Pilots

We love working with all of our students and this week was no exception. We are proud to announce our four newest pilots Andy, Michelle, Jacob, and Stephanie. We are especially pleased to have Michelle get her first flight. Michelle was a pilot back in the 70′s but had not been in the air since then. She was itching to get back in the air and today was the day. Great job everyone!

Andy, Michelle, Jacob, Stephanie

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