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Assisted Windy Cliff Launch

Please note that due to the soarable forecast for Sunday afternoon (NW 10mph), Gordon has asked y’all to meet him at 2pm EST at the pro shop/launch area for his Assisted Windy Cliff Launch and Beginning Soaring Clinic. This is a must for those of you who want to ridge soar! See you tomorrow (Sunday, July 28).

Amazing Weekend Forecast

Another beautiful day!  And, the forecast for the weekend is fantastic. 

Intellicast is calling for light and variable winds today, light west northwest winds on Saturday, and light north northwest winds on Sunday.  It’s going to be awesome!  Come fly! 

And, come eat at the cookout on Saturday evening at the LZ clubhouse.  And, come learn about assisted windy cliff lauching and beginning soaring with Gordon at the pro shop for his FREE clinic on Sunday 7/28.  Meet him at the pro shop!

Kelly and Heidi

Congratulations to Kelly on his first flight and Heidi on her second.  You guys rocked it!  It has been a joy watching you guys become pilots.  And, it would be a joy to watch YOU fly too!  For details on our lesson packages and our July specials visit our Flight Training page.

Heidi’s Ready

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Congrats to New Pilots and You Can Fly!

Want to be a pilot?  Check out some of our new pilots….this is something you can do.  This could be you!  And, now through July 31st, save up to $250 to learn to fly.  All you have to do is call 706-398-3541 for details.  We are happy to help!

A Flying Family

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Eric’s Clinic on Flying to the Point

We all know that Eric Donaldson is an amazing pilot!  What we don’t always know is how he does it.  That can all change today…please join Eric Donaldson for his XC Clinic in the LZ Clubhouse today (June 14) at 2pm EST.  The focus of today’s clinic is flying to the point.

Eric on Launch

Eric on Launch