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Fourth of July Weekend and Wills Wing Demo Days

Lookout Mountain Flight Park’s FAMOUS July 4th Celebration to be held Saturday, July 6th!

So where else can you go to get this kind of fun? We’re celebrating July 4th for 4 DAYS! Here’s the scoop:

Wills Wing Demo Days initiates the festivities beginning Thursday, July the 4th, so come in early and test fly one of their fun flying gliders. Give the Falcon 4 a try, it’s sweet!
They’ll stay all the way thru the weekend, leaving on Sunday.

The actual July 4th Party will take place Saturday evening at 7 pm, and if ya’ just want to come and hang out, maybe pour ya’ a few beers, eat some fruit cobbler, and then shake your cute little tail feathers, it’s $10 bucks…..if you want to come and eat some BBQ Chicken, corn on the cob, green beans, deviled eggs, salad, drink you some lemonade, pour ya’ a few brews and listen to a great band called “Beats Workin”….. well, that’s $10 bucks. So it’s just $10 bucks, no matter how you slice it!


Dan Flies and Clifton Teaches

Dan gets airborne on his first flight! Woohoo! And, please join Clifton in the pro shop today (6/23) at 2pm EST for his Weather Predictions Clinic: How to predict optimal conditions for you flight planning.

Dan getting ready to go...

Dan getting ready to go…

Dan's Launch

Dan’s Launch

Families that fly and play together…

…have so much fun! We had two father and daughter teams who flew with us today. We love the families of pilots in our flight park. These guys trained together and are flying together. Spectacular!

And, come play with us…David is cooking up some amazing Mexican food for dinner tonight. That and kegs and live music. See you tonight (Saturday June 22 at the clubhouse…flight park members, students, friends and family are welcome to attend)! Oh, and its launchable.charli and chris earl and lillian

We Love Our Pilots and Weekend Events

We couldn’t do it without our local pilots! Thank-you for all of the referrals!! Okay, Flight Park members, for every person you refer to us that signs up for the Introductory Experience, we will offer you $25 in Lookout Dollars! THANK YOU, this is how the sport keeps growing!

We Love Our Pilots

We Love Our Pilots

We have a great weekend planned.  At 7pm on Saturday June 22, we are celebrating with a Mexican feast, a keg and LIVE MUSIC.  Flight Park members, students, friends and family are welcome to attend. 

On Sunday, June 23 at 2pm EST, join Clifton at the Pro Shopfor his clinic:  “Weather Predictions.  How to predict optimal conditions for your flight planning.  Recommended resources.”


Happy Father’s Day

Charli did great dad!Happy Father’s Day Everyone.  This is a photo of Charli’s second mountain launch.  She had a great flight this morning.  We taught both Charli and her dad to fly and it has been wonderful to see them share their love of the sport with one another.  

And, Clifton’s Aerotow Safety Clinic will be at the North End tow pavillion at 2pm EST today, 6/16.