Yearly Archives: 2013

We had four new solo mountain pilots bringing the year total of new pilots to almost 120! All of our newest solo pilots are in a family of at least one other pilot! It seems that the trend is to bring family into the fun… the more the merrier!

It’s not too late to save on Lessons

monkey A and B no regretsIt’s not too late to save $100 to learn how to fly. It takes an average of 6-10 days to for us to teach you to fly solo. Once you buy you have 2 whole years to complete it… that’s a long time, WAY more than you’ll need! Sale ends December 24th. Watch some videos to learn about the process here:

Dinner and Karaoke

Join us for some yummy dinner and karoake tonight at the LZ Clubhouse at 7pm.  Bring a side dish!  Ham, salmon, dessert and a keg will be provided by the Food Fund.  Bring a side dish and a smile!  See you tonight.  Flight park members, students, friends and family are welcome to attend…

Print Your Gift Certificate At Home

Come Fly!

There’s still time to give the gift of flight! You can give the gift of flight by calling us at 706-398-3541 or on our online store.

Need a gift certificate in a hurry? You can print out a temporary gift certificate immediately so your loved one can have something to open while you wait for the actual gift certificate to arrive (the temporary gift certificate is also available on our online store). Please keep in mind that the gift certificate that you print out is only a temporary fix and can’t be redeemed. You will receive the actual gift certificate in the mail as quickly as possible. The mailed gift certificate is the one to bring to LMFP.

This could be you!

Lesson Sale Extended!

temp gift cardWe are extending the Learn-To-Fly Lesson Package sale through December 24th! Save $100 on any package! Also you can still save $100 on a 1500′ or 3000′ Discovery Tandem. Give a gift card for Christmas, and print off a temporary gift card if you are worried about not having something to give!