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Lee’s 80th Birthday Party!

Miss Lee is turning 80! Lee has been an LZ resident and member of our community for over 10 years. By planting and landscaping, she has kept the place looking beautiful for many years now! It is our turn to show her our love! Wear a tie-dye and bring a covered dish to the pot luck dinner celebrating Miss Lee’s 80th! Roddy is donating a keg to help celebrate!

Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Thanks to all you guys and gals who helped LMFP have yet another awesome Halloween! The winners of our costume contest are 1. Eric Donaldson…Squid in a box 2. John and Dale Stokes…Crazy Bird People 3. Jack and Kim Mitch…Timberly and the Tow Plane First Runner Up, JC… Sweet Dreams Zombie Second Runner Up, Kelly Myrkle…Stick Man

2012 halloween Costume Contest Winners

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Update on Fishbowl Race

We are having lovely, ridge soarable conditions this morning, but Eric and Dan have decided that conditions are not suitable to have our Fishbowl Race. So, even though there is no race today, we hope you are able to come out and FLY! There are plenty of pilotssetting upright now and soaringright now.

Adrian Taking Flight

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And, can’t wait to see your costumes!

Today’s Forecast

Today’s forecast is looking great. Northwest all day, 77 degrees for a high and partly cloudy skies. What a great start to a super fun Halloween weekend!

Dale as Amelia

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Halloween and Fish Bowl Race!

Hi everyone! We sure do have an exciting week ahead of us! The Halloween party is soon upon us. SO MUCH FUN! An amazing band out of Birmingham, delicious food, costume contest with cash prizes, and adult beverages. Saturday October 27. $10…flight park members, students, friends and family welcome. In addition, and even more exciting, we are having a hang gliding race. This will be a fish bowl race, where the entire race is confined to our immediate area. Spectators and other racers will be able to view the entire course from launch, and possibly from the LZ.. The actual turn points and goals of the race will not be determined until the morning of the 27th. We want to match the race to the conditions of the day. There will be no entrance fee. There will be small prizes. You will not get your picture on the cover of Sports Illustrated if you win. You will have a good time and you will rub elbows with some of the greatest pilots in the world. The course line will be drawn out so there will be a convenient and big LZ. within reach of the entire course. You must be a soaring pilot to compete. The turn points will be judged on an honor system. If you declare you reached a turn point, then we believe you, no questions asked. Certain details to be determined the day of the race by the race director and safety director. We need to have an idea how many people will be participating, please send an email to Dan,, to register. See you soon!