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Ian’s First Flight

Ian and Aaron

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Remember Ian? Instead of flying yesterday he decided to drive for his brother Aaron so that Aaron could get as many flights as possible. Well, today was Ian’s day. He’s had four great launches so far today. Welcome to the sky Ian!

Kit’s on TV!

Mother and Daughter Flying Duo

Megan and Tammy

Aaron’s First Flight

Brothers Ian and Aaron came to learn how to fly. Both have cleared for the mountain, but Ian sacrificed and drove for Aaron so that he could get as many flights in as possible. Congrats Aaron on your first flights. You’re next Ian! Oh, and conditions are beautiful today.

Aaron’s First Launch

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Busy day, beautiful conditions

Lots of gliders on launch today. The windsock shows conditions at 3:30 this afternoon. We’re thinking that an evening glass off is headed our way tonight!