Monthly Archives: May 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We’re gearing up for a fun Memorial Day weekend:
We would like to have a fun flying day for National Hang Gliding Day. We will let you know any updates when we have a better idea of weather!
Saturday, May 28 Memorial Day Party Social Event
Catered dinner, live music and adult beverages. Come join us at the LZ clubhouse at 7pm. $10 per person. Flight park members, students and their friends and family are welcome.
Saturday, May 28 National Hang Gliding Day Flying Event
Sunday, May 29 Parachute Clinic 1:00pm Clinic
Your safety system, its components and how to use them. Practice deployments. DOES NOT teach how to repack chutes. Limited to 10 participants. Taught by Jen Richards. Meet at the sew shop. Bring your harness and helmet. Call to register.

Eric’s XC Clinic

Eric Donaldson will be giving an XC clinic at the LZ clubhouse Sunday, May 22 at 1pm. Eric is an awesome pilot and has been competing for several years now. He just returned from the Flytec Race and Rally where he competed with the best pilots on the planet. Eric came in 22nd out of over 50 of the best pilots from throughout the world. Congrats to Eric on an excellent race! Join him Sunday for keys to safe and successful cross country flying.

Congratulations to JC, Dean and James as well. They also competed in the Flytec Race and Rally (JC and James also flew in the Rob Kells Memorial). JC came in fourth in the sports class in the Rob Kells Memorial! For more information, visit the events page of

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As most of you already know, our area was hit by tornadoes on Wednesday April 27. Fortunately we had very minimal damage and have been up and running since Thursday. We do not have electricity so we have been running off of a generator. One of our phone lines is down so the best numbers to reach us are 706 398-3433 or 1-800-688-5637. We also have not yet been able to access our email, but I am hoping to be able to today. Please give us a call with any questions or scheduling needs. Also check our Facebook page for any updates. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes.