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Introducting the GT Race 2

GT Race 2 (photos coming soon)

Lookout Mountain Flight Park and GT Manufacturing have recently redesigned and fine tuned the GT Race Harness. The result is a clean, aerodynamic racing-style harness that is beautifully crafted by our skilled team of workmen.

In the past, the Race harness was constructed out of 1/8″ foam. Now, the GT Race is constructed out of a 1/4″ foam specially laminated with nylon pack cloth and cordura creating excellent support and a clean look. According to designers Matt Taber and Mike Barber, the cut is just plain cleaner and more comfortable.

The GT Race features a single hang point system. The main harness straps are all interconnected into the webbing system that makes up the leg loops, hip straps, and shoulder straps. Add to this the light weight, carbon fibre back plate, and an internal support spreader bar system that was modified to offer more chest support. Result: flyability, safety, support, and comfort.

One of our lead instructors, Dan Zink, recently put some soaring time in on the GT Race. “Most race harnesses are clean with good back support and with the pockets in the right places, but the GT Race has such attention to detail and workmanship. I love the harness because it is extremely clean, and the biggest benefit is that it was designed to easily rotate upright and it rotates upright so well that it is easy to land,” Dan reported.

In the past, Dan has flown race-style harnesses that kept him from getting sufficiently upright. This was especially important to Dan because he frequently test flies different gliders all with their own flare windows. Not getting fully upright can lead to some difficult landings. Not anymore, the GT Race is just plain easier to land.

And, the GT Race doesn’t lose the ability to comfortably get into a screaming fast position: flying head’s down.

Dan likes the light weight back plate, the high quality ykk zippers and materials, the ample internal storage, how the storage pockets are faired to create a beautiful shape, and the comfort of the leg loops. “I really like the leg loop system because there is no buckle in an uncomfortable place, if you know what I mean,” Dan says with a smile.

Also, the harness features a redundancy in the back up safety system. In case the rope or back plate failed there is a back up so that the harness itself doesn’t fail.

The GT Race has never looked so good. We’ve kept flyability, comfort and an aerodynamic shape in mind to create a comfortable, easy to use race style harness. All of this made right here is the US. Recently one pilot remarked, “I just like knowing that I can get my harness and fulfill any service needs with limited to no shipping cost.”

For questions or order forms, please contact us at 706-398-3541.

Some new pilots

I’m missing some photos from first flights. If any students have photos or videos from their first flights, please send them to me and I will include it on the blog. I do have Dustin, James, and Alyssa. Enjoy…

Alyssa AtterJonathan
Alyssa and her first flight
Dustin and his first flight!
James’ first launch.


Halloween is coming! This year our Halloween Party for flight park members, students and their friends is Saturday October 30. We’re planning the menu and music, all we need is you. Don’t forget your costumes! Join us for the festivities! Costume contest soon to follow!

Team Challenge

Just saw the scores for Team Challenge. Looks like folks are having some great flights. Also, I missed some regulars…Go Tim, Colin, and Jeff!

Team Challenge

Hopeall the Lookout Regulars are having a great week at Team Challenge. Go JC, Eric, Dean, Jim, Barry, James, Ollie, etc…sorry if I forgot anyone. Fly high and fly safe!