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Demo Days Dates Update

Well, we’re lucky enough to have both Steve Pearson and Mike Meier here for Demo Days and we’re lucky enough to have them for four days instead of three. Please note that Wills Wing Demo Days starts on Thursday July 1 instead of July 2. Please give us a call to sign up to fly one of the demo gliders. 706-398-3541.

First Flights

Eric Eric Eric’s First Launch
Randy Randy's launch
Kevin Kevin's Launch Kevin’s First Launch
David David's Launch David’s launch
Megan Megan Megan’s launch, okay it’s not her first launch, it’s her 13th launch in less than two weeks…go Megan!

Fourth of July Weekend DEMO DAYS!

Stacy and Don Murdoch and Liz Fortanier are hosting our Fourth of July Party. This year we will celebrate on Saturday July 3rd with an awesome rock and roll band out of Burmingham (where Don owns a guitar store so you know he has some great connections), a catered dinner and kegs. Dinner includes bbq chicken, green beans, new potatoes, squash casserole, salad, french bread, peach and blackberry pies, and tea. All of this for $10 a person

The Fourth of July weekend is also our Wills Wing Demo Days. Steve Pearson will be here with gliders to fly and information to give. For more info on Demo Days go here.

We will also have a Landing Clinic at 1pm Sunday 7/4. This clinic is taught by Dan and will take place at the LZ clubhouse.

It’s going to be a great weekend, hope you can join us!

Location change for this weekend’s thermaling clinic

Please note that the Thermaling Techniques clinic will meet at the PRO SHOP at 1pm eastern standard time on Sunday, June 27. The clinic will be taught by Claire Vassort and will cover where thermals come from, thermals in wind, how to work a thermal, and how to improve your thermaling efficiency.

Thermaling clinic and weekend outlook

Dinner on Saturday night: Ham, Green beans, potato salad, sliced tomatoes, and rolls.

Sunday’s FREE clinic is a don’t miss! Thermaling Techniques will be taught by world class pilot Claire Vassort. Come learn from the best! Clinic meets at 1pm Sunday at the LZ clubhouse.

Weather outlook for the weekend? Light westerly winds.