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The Next Two Days

Weather outlook for the next two days…

Tuesday: NW at 11mph, sunshine and 67 degrees

Wednesday: SW from 2-6mph, sunshine and high of 77 degrees. I know, I know southwest, but you know with sunshine and high temps it could turn out to be a beautiful day


James’ Flight Report

We had some great flight conditions this week and many of us enjoyed the spring conditions. James wrote up a report about his flight…

As it was predicted to be over 70 degrees I thought there was a great chance to have a decent little fly. I launched around 2:25 into a nice 8 mph out of the west. It had been blowing in sweet since I arrived but started blowing tail 5 minutes before I suited up. I realized now that was just a little convection taking place in front of launch.

As soon as I launched I hit a little bubble that was as rowdy as the thermals tend to be on a typical SW day. It was a little effort to stay with it, but I kept drifting to the east and it finally turned on. At first a solid 300 fpm climb then a solid 720 at about 2 grand over. I shifted a little downwind and the climb turned on to 840 for well over 3 minutes!! It got smooth after I climbed through 4 grand msl and I pulled out at the base of the clouds around 7300 msl. The clouds were moving pretty good over the ground, but it did not feel that bad at cloudbase.

Then I headed towards Big Daddies. I thought that with this high cloudbase and super fast climbs I needed to position myself for a run to Henson and back. However, the clouds to the north of 24 were not as good, so I loitered a while and tried to assess the situation. I could see the high cirrus moving in from the south which was shutting the cu’s down and decided that since I didn’t have a retrieve or radio contact it may be best to head back to Lookout.

The wind was showing around 12 on the nose with there was some really big sink as I made my way back over the drive-in towards the ramp. Turns out I was just in a bad line and things returned to normal once east of 59. I made it back to the ridge and watched several people launch and land while I played in some light lift and decided to head down myself. The cirrus moved in for a while (even had some high lenticulars) but then it broke again and the cu’s returned once I was breaking down. All in all it was a really good day with some of the best climbs I will probably see all year in this area.

Hang Gliding – it doesn’t suck!!!



And then…Richard

Richard and Mary were visiting us from the Raleigh area. They had spent the week camping in hammocks, relearning how to hoop dance around a bonfire (hula hooping), and learning how to hang glide. They and Mark (down from New York) had a great week of training and it paid off. The photos of Mark and Mary’s first launches are in the last post and this time it was Richard’s turn. Saturday morning, in calm conditions, Richard had his first mountain flight. He flew great!

We love when the new mountain pilots come back up to launch after their first flights with a triumphant smile on their face, “I did it!”. Richard was ecstatic. Congratulations Richard, awesome flight!

Richard Richard's Launch Richard’s first flight

Mary and Mark

Another beautiful day at Lookout Mountain! Congratulations Mary and Mark…great first mountain flights!

Mary Mary’s getting ready to go!
Mary Mary Mary’s First Launch
Mark Mark’s getting ready to go!
Mark Mark Mark’s First Launch

Sky takes to the sky

Sky (very appropriate name) Jones, 16, and his family came and spent a week with us last week. The goal was to teach Sky how to fly. He did great! As it turns out, Sky and Gordon had some things in common. Sky goes to St. Andrew’s School in Delaware, the same boarding school that Gordon graduated from (some years back). We all got a kick out of looking through Gordon’s year book and seeing some photos of him from his high school, unicycling days!

Sky had his first mountain flights this past weekend. I believe he had four mountain flights by the end of the day on Sunday. Congratulations Sky!

Gordon and Sky Launch Sky and Gordon going over Sky’s Flight Plan, Sky Pre-Launch
Sky Sky’s First Launch