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Yesterday, Today


Its a winter wonderland. The couple of inches of snow make the hills and the valley especially beautiful. Only one student, Celess, made the drive over the snow covered streets to the training hill at 7:45. He was rewarded with his first foot launched flights.

The four wheeler couldnt climb the snow covered hill, but that didnt stop Celess. Some day hell be telling the next generation Back when I trained, I had to lug the glider, by myself, all the way up that gigantic hill in deep snow up to my knees”

Bringing sleds sounded like so much fun, but after getting out there, the question was Why sled when you can fly?

Celess Glider in Snow Left to right: Like sledding in the snow, and we get to leave the ground. Looking down from the small hill. Can you find the glider in the picture?


The top of the mountain is absolutely, amazingly beautiful today. The trees are covered in ice and everything is glistening in the sunshine. The sky is so blue and there is the occasional wispy cloud forming. Everything is bright and shiny; a site to see. Some pilots cleared a path down the middle of the ramp to enjoy this light wind, sunny winter day.

frozen windsock frozen launch With a frozen windsock, Mike used the wind indicators on the ramp to launch on this beautiful day.
frozen tree The pines next to launch.

Eric’s Day in Eric’s Words

Eric Donaldson is a comp pilot and one of our tandem pilots. He had a beautiful flight yesterday in his T2C, but I’ll let him tell you about it…

I flew again yesterday and was able to hold on to a thermal that took me 1,400 over launch. Dean is back and flying again and climbed up with me. After getting a little cold I decided to trade my hard earned altitude for a bit of high speed fun. Buzzing by launch and then zig zagging my way down the mountain just over the trees was exhilarating. Down near the LZ I decided to do a run across the puddle. Jesse and Pablo were down there inviting me with cameras.

What an awesome flight! The air was so smooth which made for nice, predictable maneuvering. I love days like this. Check out the short video of the landing.

Why I Fly

Check it out: We just went live on a new webpage featuring pilot interviews. This page will change and new interviews will be added, so be sure to check back! For those of you who submitted interviews that are not yet posted, worry not! Yours will be there soon!

Photo Contest…Learn to fly for FREE!

Attention all tandem flyers! BIG PRIZES!!!

Rob and Trish

Lookout Mountain Flight Park is holding its first ever photo contest! Here’s the scoop: Every tandem co-pilot has the oppportunity to purchase in-flight photos of their tandem experience. For those of you who received your roll of 12 in-flight photos, we want to see your best!

All you need to do to enter is send a good copy of your best photo, and include your name and contact info (please include telephone number and email) to:

Lookout Mountain Flight Park
Attention: Tandem Photo Contest
7201 Scenic Highway
Rising Fawn, GA 30738

What do you win….

Prizes for tandem photos:

1st prize: Mountain Package ($699 value) with a hat or tshirt of your choice
2nd prize: Weekend Package ($399 value) with a hat or tshirt of your choice
3rd prize: Introductory Experience ($199 value) with a hat or tshirt of your choice

What are we looking for…

Your photo should convey an enthusiasm for flight. Smiling faces. Beautiful shots. We want to be inspired!

Judging will take place on February 14th.

Okay, there always has to be at least one rule, the minimum number of contestents is 15…so tell your friends to join in as well!

Spectators dont despair! If you send us a picture that proves to be prize worthy we will consider it. And, this is only the first photo contest…there will be others.

So, pilots and students keep taking photos (and videos)!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

It’s northwest at 15 and the sun is shining…a beautiful day! I got a shot of a group of pilots getting set up to launch. A great way to start out the new year. We all made it around the sun again!

A huge thank you to our students, pilots, and community for a wonderful 2009. We could not be here without your support. It was a fun, safe year…here’s to another in 2010!