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We have been remiss in recognizing the members of our flying community who bring friends and family to come to LMFPand trainor fly Discovery Tandems. Our sport and flying sites exist because pilots are awesome hang gliding ambassadors. You’ve all shown the publichow amazing free flight is andthat becoming a hang glider pilot is a goal that can be reached. Today we would like to recognize Nick Treshetta, Brent Benoist, Rob Dallasand Clay Crowder for bringing their friends and family to fly with us. Thanks guys…we really appreciate it. Thanks to all of you who fly here and spread the word about hang gliding!

Tomorrow’s Parachute Clinic

We still have a couple spaces left for tomorrow’s Parachute Clinic. The clinic will go over the components of your safety system and how to use them. Bring your harness and helmet for practice deployments. This clinic does NOT teach how to repack your chute. Please call 706-398-3541 or 1-800-688-5637 to reserve your space in theclinic. The clinic meets in the sew shop at 1pm Sunday August 30.

Denny’s Call for Volunteers

MANpower NEEDED! As regular readers of this site you may already be well aware there is a Women’s Fly-in at Lookout Mountain Flight Park beginning September Thursday 24th and running through Sunday, September 27th. Last year was our first and, despite some uncooperative weather, it was a booming success. Our challenge is to pull that off again and to do that we really need help. Although flying is a solo activity we also recognize that it is a communal one as well including such elements as local site knowledge, wire crew assistance, shuttles and so forth. By helping each other we too become the beneficiaries of selfless community spirit. The fly-in is no exception and it will shine as a beacon to women fliers around the country only if we, as a community, rally to this event and lend a much needed hand. The more help we can garner the more lightly we can disburse the tasks. So please sign-on to help where you can and you will have a huge thank you from a grateful group of great women fliers. For sign-up to help and further details please contact Denny at or call 570-807-3827

New Wheels, Pint Glasses and Video Cameras

We have some great new items in the pro shop. We just received the new bolt-on wheels for use on carbon fiber basetubes and they are beautiful. They’re clean, well-machined, and are only $199. They are not yet listed on our estore, so please call 706-398-3541 to order.
bolt on
For your favorite after flight beverage, our new Lookout Mountain pint glasses. $7.95 for one or a set of two for only $11.95. I enjoyed mine with a nice IPA.
pint glass
We also have two versions of the Go Pro video camera. First is the Go Pro Hero Wide: it weights only 4.9 ounces, shoots 56 minutes of video (512×384) or 1946 photos (5 megapixel), has 170 degrees of view, and comes with various mounts making it an easy addition to your helmet, down tube or keel. All of this for $189. Option 2 is the Go Pro Hero Wrist with the same specifications as the Wide angle camera except it only has 54 degrees of view and only comes with a wrist strap. The Go Pro Hero Wrist is only $139. Batteries and memory cards are sold seperately at the pro shop. For those of you who multi-task in your sports habits, both of the cameras are waterproof to 100 feet. Check out an example…

Photos from the Weekend and Clinic Reminder

We had a beautiful weekend. Saturday brought northwest winds and soarable conditions. The morning stayed calm enough for some students to get in some flights. During mid-day conditions the field got a bit rowdy, but things smoothed out as the day went on. Many, many soaring flights. I liked Scott’s flight plan for his late afternoon flight to the Point…two turns – turn right off launch then make a left at the Point to come home. How did it go Scott? The Atlanta Outdoor Club came to fly with us as well. Thanks for coming AOC! Come fly with us again soon… Sunday started out pretty overcast and was a bit more north, but turned out to be another beautiful day. It was an ideal weekend that brought conditions for pilots of all skill levels. Here’s some photos of launch filling up, launches, and dan’s clinic. Next Sunday’s clinic is a parachute clinic and will be limited to 10 participants. To reserve your space in this free clinic, please call the shop at 706-398-3541. We’ll be going over your safety system and how to use it. This clinic will NOT teach you how to repack your parachute.
launchJon ChristofLeft to right: Launch starting to fill up, Jon Christof on launch
the keithslaunchThe Keiths’ preflight routine, More gliders on launch.
lanceLance on launch.
dan's clinicDan’s launching and beginning soaring clinic.