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She likes us!

In the words of Donna, one of our students:
Hi! I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for a great time of flying last weekend. My husband and I love to come there (he likes to sit on the deck, drink coffe and watch everyone fly) and I always feel like everyone is cheering me on when I go up. I just started “learning” how to fly and still feel like a dummy but I know more than I did before last weekend! My husband got tired of hearing me say I wish I could try hangliding just once and got us a weekend there last October. I went up on Saturday with Eric with no ponytail and then went up on Sunday with Eric with a ponytail. Because these two guys were so nice and did not think I was a foolish 53 year old who was too fat and too old to do this I came back readyto learn to fly on my own! (My pictures from that trip are my screen savers!) Last weekend I flew with Anders and the twoErics again. They all made me feel like I had truly caught on and were so supportive. Then when I came back for a second flight on Sunday after moving out of the cabin, the ground crew appeared to be so happy I was getting another flight in. I cannot wait to come back! Now I feel like we are coming home to friends when we get there. I have told everyone they need to come there and try this at least once in their life. I am sure there are nice people at the other places but I just cannot imagine them being as special as your guys. If I had not had the two Erics to fly with in October and all the friendly folks in the office and at the ground launch I probably would have just chalked it up to something I did and left it at that. When my friends ask why I go to Lookout Mountain I tell them it’s because of the great people in the office and the guys you fly with. Thanks to the Erics for that first flight. Your instructors are something to be proud of. After taking up 25 people that just want a chance to hanglide and then making me feel like I was the first one they had dealt with – that’s Customer Service! I own a company that deals with medical patients all day and I know how valuable good employees are. Your folks are worth their weight in gold.! Thanks again for the oppoturnity to experience one of the most wonderful things I have ever done in my life! Donna Roach

Free Clinic this Weekend

We have a guest teacher this weekend. Ollie Gregory will be teaching “Weather: Predictions and Conditions” at 1pm on Sunday August 2. Please meet at the pro shop for this informatve clinic. Ollie has been flying for many years and has served on task committees for various competitions (as well as flying in many competitions).

Cindy and Jack

Thanks Bjorn for the videos of Cindy and Jack’s first flights and…Congratulations Cindy and Jack!

Change in the clinic schedule!!!!!

Please note there is a change in the clinic schedule: August 9, 1pm at the tow pavillion, Aerotow Ground School. Clinic on aerotow equipment, how to use it and aerotow techniques. Taught by Matt Taber and Gordon Cayce. August 16, 1pm at the lz clubhouse, Basic XC Knowledge: How to Run Away From Home. Taught by Claire Vassort and Terry Presley. Sorry for any confusion!

Some photos from this morning…Women fly!

We’ve had some trouble with our online store, but we’re up and running! I mention the online store because that’s where you can register for the 2009 Women’s Hang Gliding Festival. Registration is only $25 and includes mountain flying, seminars, fun flying tasks, the event tshirt, and opening night festivities. You can also check out some info on the Festival on this website. These are some photos from this morning. Come fly with us!
AngelaAngela's launchAngela gets ready and flies!
TheresaPaula and JerryTheresa prelaunch, Paula and Jerry
Jodi's launchJodi's launchJodi’s launch