Monthly Archives: May 2009

Summer Clinic Series

I’mhappy to announce that weare soon to debut our Summer Clinic Series. Our plan is to expand upon last year’s very successfulmonthly clinics with Claire and Terry. This summer we will have weekly seminars every Sunday. Clinic topics will include:
  • Landing
  • Assisted Windy Cliff Launch, Launching, and Soaring
  • Parachutes
  • Aerotow Ground School
  • Components of a Wing: Glider Design and Evolution
  • Over-Confidence and Under-Confidence
  • Weather Predictions and Conditions
Clinics will be taught by a variety of Lookout instructors and guest speakers. I’m pleased to report that Claire Vassort and Ollie Gregory will be presenting seminars. We’re all lucky to be a part of such a large population of pilots to learn from and I urge pilots to take advantage of this and these very informative seminars. Let’s come together to be better, safer pilots. All clinics except the parachute clinic will last around one hour. Depending upon the number of participants, the parachute clinic should last around two hours. Check the Calendar of Events for dates, times and subjects. The schedule will be posted by May 31.

Happy Birthday, Otto!

Every time I hike up one of our training hills, I think of where it all began. In Germany, during the 1890′s a young man named Otto Lilienthal became the world’s first successful hang glider pilot. Correction: the world’s first successful PILOT of any sort. He even built his own training hill where throngs of people would watch him fly gliders of his own design. And so now, when we carry our gliders up the hill and fly, there’s a direct link back to the sport’s true pioneer. When you launch from even our small hill, the air echoes with the spirit of the world’s first pilot. May 23rd is the 161st anniversary of Otto Lilienthal’s birth. If you can, take a few minutes and reflect on one man’s incredible contribution to his fellow man: the ability to fly like a bird. Better yet, get in the air! Show Otto how far we’ve come and how much we appreciate him. Thanks, Otto. Happy Birthday! More info on Otto Lilienthal.

Three New Pilots

Saturday afternoon and Sunday shaped up to be nice, flyable days. Saturday late afternoon Carl made it to the point and students had beautiful training conditions. Sunday ended up being the kind of day that new pilots could fly all day. We had three first mountain flights. Congratulations Steve Sexton, Billy Campbell, and Joe Wyffels.
SteveSextonChalk Talk Left to right: Steve Sexton, Billy Campbell and Joe Wyffels doing their chalk talk with Dan
SteveSteve Steve’s launch…He ended up with three flights in one day.
BillyBilly Campbell getting ready for his first flight.
BillyBilly Billy’s first launch
Joe Joe Wyffels getting ready for his first launch.
joeJoe Joe’s first launch.

Memorial Day Party

The flight park would like to recognize all LMFP-related people with military service–past and present–at our Memorial Day party on Sat., May 23, 2009. They do not have to be present to be honored. How you can help: 1. Please send names, branch of service, rank, job (AFSC, MOS, etc.), foreign countries served in, and honors received to 2. Email a photo of the service member in uniform to by May 17. 3. If you would like to donate a keg in honor or in memorial of a service member, let Roger Tubbs know at 4. Also, we are looking for a service flag for Navy and Army to use at the party. Thank You Roger and Debbie Tubbs

They’re not coming, but we’re still having a party!

Well, the Flytec Race and Rally pilots made it to Americus, Georgia yesterday, but faced with conditions looking bleak for XC flying, the plans to head north changed. Instead, the Race and Rally is heading south. We hate it, but the Flytec Race and Rally pilots will not be at Lookout this weekend. However, we are still having aWelcome to the Season Partyfor flight park members, students, friends and family. Because there is catered food, a keg and music. We are charging $10 for adults.