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We’re open Tuesday and Links

It’s that time of year! We will be open on Tuesdays starting May 5. So, our summer pro shop hours are Thursday through Tuesday 9am to 6pm EST. This means that we will also be flying tandems by reservationon Tuesdays. A group of Lookout pilots are flying in the Rob Kells Memorial and in the Flytec Race and Rally. To check on how things are going, visit their blogs:

We’re Having A Party!

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Mark your calendars. To celebrate the Flytec Race and Rally, our first party of the season will be May 9. Plans include music from Theresa Link, food, and drink. Lookout is the proposed finish line for the Flytec Race and Rally. The Race starts in Florida and is a seven day traveling competition ending at (or around) Lookout. 700 miles in seven days! Join us for dinner, dancing and to welcome the competition pilots to Lookout (some of whom will be joining us for the first time). Festivities begin at 7pm on May 9.

Eric’s Fly In

Eric and Ashley Donaldson hosted a fly in on Thursday. Earlier in the week Eric had mowed a super cool design into his field (our front yard – very convenient). You can see some bird’s eye photos of the field in the short video. Thursday, conditions called for northeast, but lightening to calm to no winds by the end of the day. So, some pilots headed up to launch at about 6pm. The goal of the flight (besides having fun) was to land closest to the spot. Lucas, Eric, James, Carl, Keith, Marc Fink, Fingers, Ron, Pete, and Kurt all went for it.Everyone came close and had beautiful approaches and landings with only one whack in thegroup. Carl had a great speed run, but came in short as did Keith.Word is that Marc Fink won the spot landing contest, but Pete looked pretty close to me. No matter who was closest to the spot, everyone had a great time. After flying there was a big bonfire, hot dogs, and beer to celebrate a beautiful day spent flying and hanging with good friends. Thanks to Eric and Ashley for putting together a fun time. Check out Eric’s video:

Cabin for Rent

One of the Landing Zone cabins is available. The cabin is located in the area affectionately known as South Park. Loft style with full kitchen, one bathroom, and a deck, the cabin is rented on a yearly basis for $425 a month. The cabins are ideal for full time living or for your weekend hang gliding retreat. For more info please contact Matt at 706-398-3541.

Wills Wing Demo Days!

Put it on your calendar! Lookout is hosting Wills Wing Demo Days this Fourth of July weekend. As if a holiday weekend isn’t enough to make you come and fly with your friends, now Steve Pearson from Wills Wing will be here with gliders to fly. Steve will be here July 2-July 5. Join us to test fly gliders and to pick Steve’s brain. There will be flying and festivities. Any questions call 1-800-688-5637 or 706-398-3541.