Monthly Archives: December 2008

Happy Holidays

Some Tow Boys
Some tow boys at the LMFP Holiday Party.
Photo by Ray Helman
We had our annual Holiday Party last night. Great food and friends. Thank you for bringing side dishes and thank you to Doris, Ray and Susan for their hard work.

It’s been a great year. Lots of beautiful weather, fun and safe flying, and awesome new students and new pilots. Thank you everybody for flying with us, supporting us, and for making LMFP the best flight park. We couldn’t be here without you and we appreciate all of you!

We will be closed 12/23-12/27 for the Holidays.

Congratulations Lucas!

Lucas won $15,000 by enteringa video in Excedrine’s Express Gels contest on youtube. Check out the link below to seehis winning video.It’sgreat exposure for our awesome sport. Nice, Lucas!

Kyle and Ray

Ray and KyleKyle's Launch Left to right: Kyle and Ray, Kyle’s first launch
We just had a great father and son duo come all the way from Alaska to learn how to fly with us. Ray (Dad) was a pilot years ago, but he had not flown in many years. Kyle, Ray’s 19 year old son, is an extreme skier in Alaska but he had never flew before. They only had six training days with us and learning to fly in six days is, well, no easy task. But Kyle did it! On his last day here, Kyle got his first two mountain flights. His flights were textbook. He was awesome! It was a pleasure to have Ray and Kyle here. It’s always fun to have students come from so far away. I was full of questions about Alaska and Ray was full of answers and amazing photos of the bears and beautiful scenery. Thanks for making the trip to see us, guys. We hope to see you again soon.

Thanks Rex!

I was so excited when my husband gave me a Christmas gift of a tandem flight. I had been talking about it for at least 14 years since our daughter married and lived in Chattanooga. After moving to Texas then Kansas, and five children later, they moved back to the area – Ringgold, GA two years ago. My daughter and three of the grandchildren came with me on November 1 for the flight. We have enjoyed showing our photos to the family and people at work who call me The Wild Grandma. I’m 67. Rex, you were awesome. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Remember I’m the one who was visiting from Minnesota and turned down gloves!! The family had been talking about this, wondering if it was dangerous, if I was scared, etc., so you will enjoy knowing that Matthew (5)saw us land, saw me stand up, and then exclaimed, “She’s alive!!!” Again, thanks for a fantastic experience. Sharon

Hang Gliding Calendars

Happy December everyone! We have a limited number of USHPA Hang Gliding Calendars in stock at the pro shop. The calendarslook great and they move out of here pretty fast, so stop by and pick yours up before they’re gone. Calendars are $15 and can be shipped to you as well. Check out our estore,,or give me a call 706-398-3541