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Flight Suits

Stan The Inca
Warm, wind-proof, and highly recommended.
Our tugpilots love these flight suits, and you know if they love them, you’re going to be warm.
  • Fully insulated
  • Bi-lateral body zippers
  • Sleek design with simple features
  • Inner fleece neck and wrist bands
  • Stowable built-in hood
  • Expandable (stretch) back
  • Arm pit zippers
  • Adjustable waist
  • Stowable built-in mittens
  • 2 way Zippers
  • Adjustable ankle and wrist strap
  • Fully lined moisture barrier
  • Elastic boot strap
  • Warm wind resistant Micro Fiber
Visit our estore to get yours ordered. Quantities are limited!

Celebrating First Flight, Save $105

Stan A mountain launch
In commemoration of the 105th anniversary of the Wright Brother’s First Flight in Kitty Hawk, we’re having a special on all of our lesson packages that will teach you to fly. The Wright Brother’s didn’t start at high altitudes and neither will you. Using training hill classes and tandems with our world class instructors, we will teach you how to be the best, safest, and most well prepared hang glider pilots. And, until December 22, you will save $105 on the Mountain, Eagle and VIP Packages. You don’t have to start the training program by the 22nd. You just need to purchase the package by December 22. After that, all lesson packages are good for two years. Hang gliding is a beautiful, freeing, exhilerating, and fun sport. Join us in the sky! For more info, please call 1-800-688-5637. Also check outthe Flight Training section on our website.

A Beautiful Day, New Specials, and Flight Suits

It’s really turned into a beautiful day. The skies cleared up and the winds calmed enough to not be blown out,and to still be soarable. I’m looking out my window and can see half a dozen gliders in the sky. I’ve yet to mention some of our latest new pilots. Here they are…
Jason BodwellJason Bodwell Launch Left to Right: Jason Bodwell’s getting ready, Jason’s first launch
Marc WarrenMarc Warren's Launch Left to Right: Marc Warren, Marc’s Launch
I love this next photo. This is one of the first hang glider pilots I ever met, Stan from up north. He spent a couple of weeks down here this fall. It’s always nice to see the pilots I’ve known since I was introduced to this amazing sport.
Stan Stan on the Edge
I do have some awesome flight suits coming in. These are the flight suits that the tug pilots wear and they swear by them. Those guys can fly pretty fast, so the tug pilots liking the flight suits is a pretty sparkling recommendation. There’s only a limited number coming in, so please call the shop (1-800-688-5637) if you are interested in one. There can be a bit of a turn around time, so I’d like to get custom orders going for all interested pilots. Stay tuned for some great training specials to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first flight.

Gift Cards

Jesse Oliver
It’s the time of year to celebrate the ones you love. In the time honored tradition of giving a little something special to friends and family, we now have gift cards available. Our gift cards look really sharp and classy, and are available in any dollar amount.The pilot in your life can redeem the gift card for any merchandise or service that we offer: tow tickets, flight gear, training, advanced training,parachute repacks, apparel, annual glider inspections, you name it. Help get your pilot the vario they’ve been eyeing. We also have gift certificates available. Introduce your non-flying friends to hang gliding with the gift of tandems and training packages. Remember, we have friend of pilot discounts for your friends and family members.

Tomorrow’s forecast

Just a quick post about the weather forecast for tomorrow. I’m seeing West Northwest 5-10 all day. It should be a nice soarable Sunday up here on the mountain. Hope to see you here.