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Women’s Festival Photos

Wow, what an amazing weekend. We had women pilots from all over the country, Steve Pearson from Wills Wing, flyable weather all weekend, open mike night, an awesome band, and eveybody had a great time. I want to thank everyone for all of their hard work in putting together an awesome event. Liz and Stacy, your attention to detail rocks! Matt and Robin, thanks for creating such a wonderful playground. Some of my favorite parts of the weekend were watching Carmella be the first pilot to get up off of the mountain, seeing so many gliders in the air, the beautiful weather, dancing the night away, and my babysitter Madeleine. Thanks to all of the visiting pilots for making their way to Lookout. We’re so glad you were all here. Let’s do it again next year and bring your friends! Here are some photos from launch. I’ll be posting more photos next week…
Happy PilotsMatt and Steve Left to Right: Some of the female pilots, Steve Pearson and Matt Taber
beth carsonSome Men Left to Right: Beth Carson after her first mountain launch, some manly men
Claire and ChristinaBlair and Lee Left to Right: Claire Vassort and Christina Holmes, Roberta’s launch
Cathi Hayes launchsteve pearson launch Left to Right: Cathi Hayes’ launch, Steve Pearson’s launch

Women’s Hang Gliding Festival Update

Stacy and Angela
The Women’s Hang Gliding Festival starts Thursday with check in and orientation starting at 4pm eastern time in the LZ clubhouse. We have added some great clinics to the schedule: 11am Friday, Parachute Clinic (probably in the Sew Shop) 4pm Friday, Lauching Clinic on the Small Hill (limited space, please call shop to reserve) 11am Saturday, Claire Clinic: How to Improve Your Skills and be a Safer Pilot 12:30am Saturday, Claire Clinic: Why is hang gliding a great sport for women – An Introduction to the sport 4pm Saturday, Landing Clinic on the Small Hill (limited space, please call shop to reserve) 1pm Sunday, LZ Intro to Aerotowing (going over equipment, the cart, safety, this is not a flying clinic) And, remember, this is hang gliding so we need to be a little flexible with time. Weather conditions may change the times of some of the clinics and clinics may be added. We also have some super fun flying tasks planned that will be suitable for all flying skills. Times and tasks will be determined by weather conditions. Please note that you can only take part in flying tasks if you are registered for the Women’s Hang Gliding Festival. Please register if you want to take part in these events. Looking forward to flying with you, Jen

Judy’s First Flight

Congratulations Judy on a great first flight! Wayne sent us some video of the flight (Thanks Wayne) Check out Judy’s first flight. Launch: Landing:

Women’s Hang Gliding Festival Update

Women’s Festival Updates The following is an outline of the two clinics that Claire Vassort is teaching on Saturday September 27. One is geared towards newer pilots, but both clinics are valuable information for all pilots. Because of weather and a busy schedule, we are staying a little flexible on the times of Saturday’s clinics. Registrants, please be at the meet and greet for more info. September 27, 2008 WOMENS FESTIVAL CLINIC Why is hang gliding a great sport for women – An Introduction to the sport 1. Breaking the taboos–Why hang gliding is for women 2. What you will have to do to succeed 3. Be the boss–How to remain safe 4. Q & A–Practical Questions How to improve your skills and be a safer pilot 1. Physical Strength–how to improve it 2. Mental strength–Building Confidence 3. Learning at Ones Own Pace–Motivation 4. Staying Safe–Build your knowledge Base 5. Q & A–Practical Questions Also, I apologize but I gave the wrong email address for Stacy Murdoch. If you are playing for us during open mike night, please contactStacy at If you haven’t already registered, please do so at We want to know if you’ll be joining us and we need to get an accurate count on how many folks we’ll be feeding. It’s only $25 and includes the meet and greet festivities, mountain flying, clinics and the event tshirt.

Women’s Hang Gliding Festival and WW Demo Days

Hello All-
The Women’s Hang Gliding Festival is less than three weeks away. It’s going to be an excellent weekend. We have over 40 pilots registered from around the country. We do still have some space available in our tandem program and in the training hill program, so bring your friends! Tell your friends to call 1-800-688-5637 to reserve their flights.
We have some exciting things happening:
1. Wills Wing’s Steve Pearson will be here with gliders for pilots to demo. Steve is one of Wills Wing’s glider designers. He’s bringing gliders and his expertise. We’re soglad he’ll be joining us.
2. There will be flying tasks available to all registrants. There will be different tasks available to different skill levels and tasks will take place from approximately 11am until dusk. If you haven’t registered, please do so. Visit
3. Registration also includes flying clinics. Check back with us for full details.
4. Plenty of night time activities are planned as well. Thursday night is open mike night. If you are interested in playing please contact Stacy Murdoch at On Friday there will be music, food and a keg for $5. On Saturday we will have live music, food and kegs for $10. and, oh, did I mention that Wills Wing will be here with gliders to fly?
5. Reduced prices on training and tandems for our non-flying friends (reservations required).
6. If you can volunteer your time, contact Dale at
Please plan to join us for this fabulous weekend. Bring your friends, fly your glider, demo a Wills Wing glider!
Please register, the festival is only $25 and includes a meet and greet dinner on Thursday night for registrants only, the event shirt (designed by Claire Vassort), clinics, and mountain flying.
Looking forward to flying with you!
Jen Richards